Streaming: A Minor Rant

Buffering...Perhaps I’m just old fashioned but TV/movie streaming services generally suck as they stand. Don’t get me wrong, Netflix etc are a great innovation (evolution rather than revolution though really). But why does it have to be streamed live? Why can’t we choose all our shows in advance, mark whole series for download – then play them back at our leisure 100% instantly and reliably from cheap hard drive space?

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Like A Bit Of Anime?

spirited-awayIt’s still a fairly niche interest despite some big breakout anime films such as Spirited Away, Akira and Ghost In The Shell.

All 3 of which of amazing pieces of work which you really should find time to watch at least once by the way.

But it’s a niche area with a very dedicated and often extremely devoted fan base.

It’s the golden land of collectibles, conventions and cosplay. I mean sure you get conventions for sci-fi fans too, and you’ll see a few devotees dressed up as their favorite characters. But nothing like the anime fans who pour their passion into hardcore cosplay. Continue reading

A Win By A Nose

Nose jobEveryone remember this movie from 1987?

It’s one of Steve Martin’s called Roxanne. Not his finest work by any means, but it’s still a fairly solid and enjoyable film all the same.

It’s a modernisation of the play “Cyrano de Bergerac” by Edmond Rostands. The first nod to that is Steve’s character, the fire chief, is called C.D. Bales (CDB, right?).

As the picture elegantly demonstrates, C.D. has a large nose. A very large nose. But he is unable to take the modern day solution to this (the rhinoplasty or nose job) as he has a serious allergy to anaesthetics.

It’s a 3 way love story woven around a number of other plot lines.

I don’t think I’ll be spoiling the ending (spoiler alert just in case) by revealing that the love interest does eventually fall for C.D. AND the oversized nose that she says gives him his character.

Yes We Do!


We love them more than you – oh, yes we do 😉


Gridiron_PosterA Film by GARY DELANEY.

In 1982 American Football did not exist as a sport in Great Britain. That was until Channel 4 started broadcasting NFL highlights on Sunday evenings.

By 1984 a few fledging clubs had started to emerge across the country. In November of that year, an ordinary English guy, Derek Simmons formed an American Football team in Crewe, Cheshire, England. This puts a strain on an already fragile marriage and he gets deeper into debt. His dilemma is – that if his team succeeds he will lose everything.

A Comedy/Sports Drama

Derek is a dreamer and a loser. His failed get rich quick schemes and scams have got him into debt and put a strain on his already fragile marriage. His wife Kym has had enough and demands he gives up all his crazy ideas and face his responsibilities or face the consequences. He heeds the warning and ends his pathetic attempts of making millions. Continue reading