Gridiron_PosterA Film by GARY DELANEY.

In 1982 American Football did not exist as a sport in Great Britain. That was until Channel 4 started broadcasting NFL highlights on Sunday evenings.

By 1984 a few fledging clubs had started to emerge across the country. In November of that year, an ordinary English guy, Derek Simmons formed an American Football team in Crewe, Cheshire, England. This puts a strain on an already fragile marriage and he gets deeper into debt. His dilemma is – that if his team succeeds he will lose everything.

A Comedy/Sports Drama

Derek is a dreamer and a loser. His failed get rich quick schemes and scams have got him into debt and put a strain on his already fragile marriage. His wife Kym has had enough and demands he gives up all his crazy ideas and face his responsibilities or face the consequences. He heeds the warning and ends his pathetic attempts of making millions.

Just when Kym thinks he has come to his senses Derek has another crazy idea driven by his love of American Football. He decides to form his own team in Crewe, Cheshire, England. He encounters ridicule from every corner of his life but he is determined to succeed. Despite knowing nothing about the game and still deep in debt he manages to scrape together the funds to buy himself the required equipment.

On a cold November morning eleven ordinary British blokes turn up to try out for the newly formed team and the Crewe Railroaders were born. Somehow Derek bluffs his way through and becomes a self imposed Owner. Over the weeks the team grows. A Black African American called James becomes the new coach, however he knows nothing about American Football!! The team physio Ted knows nothing about injuries, the cheerleaders haven’t got a clue how to dance or cheer.

Follow the hilarious exploits of this bunch of beer drinking British blokes and Dereks quest to succeed at all costs even at the expense of everything he holds dear to him.

BRUSHY CREEK FILMS present GRIDIRON UK a film written and produced by GARY DELANEY executive producer GARETH JONES directed by ED BYE d.o.p. ADAM ETHERINGTON co-executive producer DAVID SOUL associate producers ED GREEN and DENISE ADAMS.