A Win By A Nose

Nose jobEveryone remember this movie from 1987?

It’s one of Steve Martin’s called Roxanne. Not his finest work by any means, but it’s still a fairly solid and enjoyable film all the same.

It’s a modernisation of the play “Cyrano de Bergerac” by Edmond Rostands. The first nod to that is Steve’s character, the fire chief, is called C.D. Bales (CDB, right?).

As the picture elegantly demonstrates, C.D. has a large nose. A very large nose. But he is unable to take the modern day solution to this (the rhinoplasty or nose job) as he has a serious allergy to anaesthetics.

It’s a 3 way love story woven around a number of other plot lines.

I don’t think I’ll be spoiling the ending (spoiler alert just in case) by revealing that the love interest does eventually fall for C.D. AND the oversized nose that she says gives him his character.